Privacy Policy 

At Digital and Management Services we take the protection of your sensitive data seriously.

We are up to date with the latest regulations covered by GDPR and never share or sell information with third parties unless we have your written permission to do so.

  • Privacy Policy
It is our aim at Digital and Management Services to safeguard the privacy and security of our client's personal information. To do this we make sure that we are up to date and compliant with the laws and regulations governing confidentiality, data protection and security of information.

  • What information do we obtain about you and what do we use it for?
At Digital and Management Services we do not collect personal information online.
Digital and Management Services will only use your information for the conduct of its daily business and for purposes which you would reasonably expect us to use it.
Digital and Management Services will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties for unsolicited marketing purposes.

  • Cookies
In order to improve the quality of our website and services, we may from time to time send you what is known as a "cookie" to your computer or mobile device. A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit our website. Digital and Management Services use cookies for analytics purposes only, for the measurement, analysis and reporting of internet traffic. We cannot and do not attempt to identify a website users personal information beyond broad category demographics.

Please note that any websites to which this site may be linked may also make use of their own cookies to collect information from you, Digital and Management Services do not take responsibility for any third party website.

Most browsers will automatically accept a cookie, but it may be possible to set your browser to notify you when it is received, at which point you can accept or reject it. For further information on how to do this please consult your browser provider.  

Further information about cookies can be found on our Cookies information page or by visiting the ICO website.

  • Security precautions
Appropriate technical security measures have been implemented at Digital and Management Services to protect your personal information and to ensure that it is not accessed by unauthorised persons.

  • Accessing and updating your information
You may request a copy of the information, which we hold about you/your company, by writing to us at our head office. Digital and Management Services reserve the right to levy a small charge for this service. Digital and Management Services take all necessary steps to ensure the security of personal information, failure to satisfy us that it is appropriate to supply such information may result in delay or refusal. 

Should you find any inaccuracy in the information please notify us immediately in writing or by email.

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