How to schedule facebook status updates

Hello and welcome back to my business blog, I hope that you found using an editorial calendar both useful and interesting.

Now did you remember to write a status update for next Friday? What about the Friday after that? 

You’ve started to build a picture of your ideal customer and what it is that interests them. You’re building a following of your blog and social-media page. It’s still however a daily grind to post that all important update, or is it?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get all of your status updates posted and out of the way in one session?

Well, you can, and in this weeks blog I’m going to show you how. Just follow these six easy steps and your corporate Facebook page will be updating itself. 


First of all head over to your corporate Facebook page. Now from your editorial calendar add your first status update, photos, links etc.


Once you’ve added everything click on the clock icon.


From the drop down select schedule post (note you can also back date a post in the same way).


Now click on the calendar icon and select the chosen date from your editorial calendar for which you want your status update to appear.


In the add a time box enter the time which you want your status update to appear.

(note that this time can only be forward from the current time)


Click on Schedule and you’re ready to post the next status update from your editorial calendar.

As each status update will now automatically be posted to your time line, all you need to do is check in on a daily basis and react to any comments from your customers.

Next time I’ll be looking how to link your Facebook and Twitter pages. Once linked  your Facebook status updates will be automatically tweeted to your followers.  

That about wraps up scheduling a Facebook status update. I hope that you find this blog both interesting and helpful. Over the coming weeks I’ll be building on this to include other topics. If you would like to comment on this blog visit our social-media pages and join the conversation.