Life at Digital and Management Services

I want DMS to be a place that brings together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds. A place where clients and staff are regarded more as partners rather than a commodity. At DMS we are proactive rather than reactive, driven by productivity goals not profit. During the working day, if thirsty - we drink, if hungry - we eat, if we need time out - we take it. All of us at DMS have an end date for completion of our projects. Being contracted to a project deadline rather than time, our staff are free to work when they are at their very best, with the freedom to set their own hours to work on their portfolio. I believe that our work ethic makes for happy staff - happy staff are more productive and offer the best service to our happy client base - in turn happy clients keep coming back for more.

Dean Litherland-Smith  - founder Digital and Management Services

Roles at DMS in;       

         Administration,         Book Keeping,          Payroll services,        Auto-Enrolment.

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